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Cancer is a complex problem and we need multi-approaches to achieve healing. The strategy is to heal from within while, at the same time, resolve some uncomfortable symptoms. The Cancer Care Therapy consists of the following holistic steps.

Step 1: Give Total Commitment to Your Healing

This is your sickness and only you can heal yourself, others can only help. Living a positive life and managing cancer is your responsibility, not the doctor?. If you refuse to change your ways and lifestyle or if you refuse to provide a helping hand to the healing power within you, who else can?

Our experiences show that those who actually participate in the healing process benefited and won but those with a kiasu (fear-to-lose) attitude failed!

Step 2: Seek proper Medical Help

CA Care does not substitute medical doctors. We strongly advise you to get the best from medical science, but at the same time, be aware of the limitations of the science itself. There could be a stage when there is only that much a doctor could do and no more. Therefore, you need not always leave your fate entirely to your doctors. It is written that there is no single cancer treatment that is universally effective or guarantees a complete cure. In cancer treatment, there is nothing certain except the uncertainty of its result. The conventional medical treatments for cancer consist of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The patients pay dearly in terms of pain, suffering and money. On top of this, there is no guarantee that these treatments will work for you. It is estimated that the "success rate" (not complete cure!) was approximately 40 %. What this means is that 60% of the cancer cases do not respond to conventional medical treatments and they are termed incurable or terminal. These people generally turn to alternative therapy.

Step 3: Take Herbs

CA Care uses herbs that help people with cancer.

There are a few misconceptions about the use of herbs. Also, some people are dead against the use of herbs.

Maria Treban in her book: Health Through God? Pharmacy answered the nagging question of whether one can overuse herbs. She said, Using herbs is never harmful. On the contrary, they just maintain your health. I am a living example. I have been drinking herbal teas since 1949!

In his book: The Best of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Xie Zhu-fan, a WHO consultant on traditional medicine, presented data to answer such questions as whether herbs contradict or are harmful when used together with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Medical science may not wish to believe this, but our experiences show that the use of herbs would benefit e cancer patients while they are under going conventional medical treatments. The question of harm or contradiction with modern drugs does not arise.

Also, many educated patients are concerned whether the use of herbs has side-effects. The use of correct herbs is never harmful as evidenced by the testimonies of the people taking these herbs.

Step 4: Eat Rightly

CA Care has come out with a book: Food & Cancer, reflecting our belief that the main contributing cause of cancer is our food, eating habits and lifestyle. We also know that many cancer patients who are doing well had relapsed soon after reverting to the bad food and previous dietary habits.

We believe that diet by itself cannot heal cancer as much as drugs alone cannot cure it. However, diet is important and can determine the progress and direction of your healing.

CA Care advocates that your diet consists of:

  • Fresh vegetables either raw or cooked.

  • Lots of fresh juices and fruits.

  • Whole grains, cereals, seeds and nuts in an unprocessed form as possible.

  • Avoid meat and dairy products.

  • Avoid table salt, white sugar and cooking oil.

  • Avoid all preserved, canned or processed food.

Step 5: Lead a Happy Stress-free Life

A heart of peace gives life to the body. Proverbs 14:30

We advocate that you do proper exercise daily but do not over-strain yourself. Have a good rest and make sure you sleep well. Cultivate a positive attitude. Avoid anxiety, anger and other negative emotions. Learn how to forgive and forget. Live a loving and stress-free life.

We also find that those who receive full-hearted family support, manage very well. The love, care and understanding of the spouse, children and relatives are important requirements. The sick are encouraged to turn to God for healing.

Herbs Formulated by CA Care

There are two opposing views as to what cancer actually is .

Modern medicine regards cancer as a localised disease expressed in the form of a tumour. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are treatments aimed at the removal or destruction of such tumours and cancerous cells. If this viewpoint is indeed true, it means that after such successful medical treatments, we should not expect any more tumour growth. Unfortunately, most cancer patients perhaps would testify that this is far from the truth. Dr. Karl Poehlmann wrote, Every therapy that only aims at the destruction of the tumour must be unsuccessful in the long run. To every thinking person it is quite clear that cancer producing "therapies" like radiation and more so chemotherapy cannot possibly work. Dr. Ulrich Abel of University of Heidelberg, in his book Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer, evaluated all available medical statistics until 1995 about chemotherapy and concluded that positive results (excepting, of course pharmaceutical company profits) are at best wishful thinking or "correlated statistics".

Complementary healing methods regards cancer as a general disease of the body and the tumour as only a symptom. Cancer is a result of the accumulation of toxins in the body. As such, the first and important healing treatment for cancer is to detoxify the body, not adding in more poison! In addition, we must avoid the further addition of toxins into the body system by practising a proper and healthy diet..

Based on these views, Cancer Care Therapy has advocated the use of herbs for healing and the eating of proper healthy food. In addition, there is the need to strengthen the body? immune system. A strengthened and cleansed body shall then be able to heal itself. The herb used in Cancer Care Therapy are formulated with these views in mind and with the main aim of healing the whole person.

Most cancer patients who came to us are medically written-off cases. They have exhausted all avenues of modern medical treatments. So, in addition to detoxifying the body, we have to alleviate many other discomforts like pain, severe weakness, severe coughs with excessive phlegm or breathlessness, constipation (often, morphine-induced), ascites, distended stomachs, edema, etc. We have formulated herbs to provide relief and healing of such problems.

The Healing Crisis

It is possible that after taking the recommended herbs, you will experience discomforts such as diarrhea, fatigue and even intense pain. Your condition seems to be worse than before. Do not worry if this is what you experience. Continue taking the herbs! Of course, if the problem continues for weeks and gets worse each day, it is advisable to stop taking the herbs first and seek advice. Generally, the intensity of such discomforts decreases with each day. You will gain strength and your condition will improve after some days.

A healing crisis occurs as a result of the body engaging in the process of eliminating the toxins that it has accumulated over the years. Now the toxins are being liberated from their storage places within you and they are affecting the body in full force, resulting in rashes, boils, itchiness, swelling, phlegm and even intense pain. When the process of elimination has been sufficiently accomplished, your health improves.

During this detoxification process, do not take any drugs or medication to suppress the symptoms. Allow the healing process to proceed without hindrance. For example, there could be diarrhoea for three days. You should allow this to happen and take more fluid to aid the cleansing process. Perhaps on the fourth day, the diarrhoea may just stop automatically. Of course you should not be too complacent as well. If your health deteriorates with each day or the problem persists for too long, then stop taking the herbs and seek professional advice or see your doctor immediately.

The healing crisis is recognised in all systems of natural healing. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is known as the law of cure.

Healing Takes Time  

Cancer does not strike like a thunderbolt. In the book, What You Really Need to Know About Cancer, Dr. Robert Buckman estimated that it took about two and half years for a simple cancer cell to grow into a lump, the size of a small grape which is visible to the naked eye. If it takes that much time for a lump to form, it is logical to expect that it may take that much time for the lump to regress and disappear through the process of natural healing.

Most of the patients who come to Cancer Care are in the advanced stages of cancer. After taking the herbs for a week or two, they usually experience some relief and this raises their expectation that healing should come immediately. Such high expectation is indeed regrettable and unrealistic. Cancer patients should be patient for healing does take time.

Even more tragic is that, after regaining some health and doing rather well, some patients even go further and take additional herbs touted by others in the hope that healing comes even faster! This is indeed the wrong thing to do! We know of many cases where patients die soon after taking such instant healing herbs. Cancer patients cannot afford to make any more mistakes because this will cost them their lives!

Do Not Be Complacent 

One most uninformed or misunderstood idea that many patients believe is that cancer is cured after one has undergone surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This is often further compounded by the doctor? pronouncement that everything is alright! The patient goes home and continues to live the previous lifestyle. Unfortunately, soon afterwards, the patient suffers a relapse i.e., the cancer comes back. We know of cases in which a relapse occurred even after 10 to 15 years in remission. This implies that there is no certainty in the complete cure of cancer. Perhaps cancer patient are not aware or have not been told of the disturbing fact that conventional medical treatments can only help 40% of all cancer cases. Unfortunately, 60% of the cancer cases do not respond to these medical procedures.

In her book, The Activist Cancer Patient, Beverly Zakarian said that one of the few things known with certainty about (ovarian) cancer is that it is uncertain.

Do not be misled. If you think you are done with cancer, cancer may not be done with you yet. So, do not be complacent. We take the view that patients need to consider the change to a healthy lifestyle and diet as permanent. From our experience we know that most patients would ask for their unhealthy-forbidden food the moment they feel well enough to talk and eat. This is indeed most regrettable and disappointing. It makes no sense to revert back to an old lifestyle or habits at the first sign of regaining health. Also, patients may need to continue taking the herbs and cleanse the body for a long time yet to come. There are people who would stop taking the herbs after the initial sign of recovery. The risk of a relapse is too great to take any chances!


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