Dangers of Estrogen HRT (Premarin, Prempro, Provera etc)

Notes Taken from Dr. John R. Lee's Tape "Medical Myths And The Truth About Progesterone"

John R. Lee - Retired Medical Doctor

Author of: What your Doctor may not tell you about Premenopause
What your Doctor may not tell you about Menopause
What your Doctor may not tell you about Breast Cancer

President of Progesterone Research Institute

Dr. Lee spoke at one of our previous conventions, so he chose to just update us on changes that have occurred in scientific literature since he last spoke to us last. These notes only highlight what the new studies have determined ?not what the medical community used to believe. New studies have now shown that:

1.       Estrogen is a major cause of breast cancer

2.       80% of breast cancers that occur in women are easily avoided. They are caused by estrogen dominance.

3.       Estrogen dominance is caused by lack of progesterone. Signs of estrogen dominance include:

a.      Water retention, edema (swelling, bloating)

b.      Fatigue, lack of energy

c.      Breast swelling, fibrocystic breasts

d.      Premenstrual mood swings, depression

e.      Loss of sex drive

f.        Heavy or irregular menses

g.      Uterine fibroids

h.      Craving for sweets

i.        Weight gain, fat deposition at hips and thighs

j.        Symptoms of low thyroid such as cold hands and feet

4.       Women with breast cancer can also benefit from progesterone. The concept of breast cancer originating from one cell and then multiplying on forever and ever isn the way it really happens. Breast cancers develop and continue to grow because normal cells get turned into cancer cells continuously over time. This turning into cancer cells is the result of a gene balance, and this balance of genes is controlled by the hormones - so even women with breast cancer will benefit from the use of progesterone.

5.       Birth control pills increase the risk of breast cancer by 8% a year, so that after 5 years of use, women will have a 40% increase in their chance of having breast cancer.

6.       Birth control pills increase the risk of stroke by about 300% - that 3 times more strokes.

7.       Estrogen triples the risk of stroke.

8.       Progesterone has a major role in protecting against breast cancer and stroke.

9.       Menopause is not a deficiency of estrogen. Estrogen levels in women to age 80 are sufficient in over 65% of women. Only 35% of women need a little estrogen. The amount they may need is 1/8 to 1/10 of what is usually prescribed. Normal doses of estrogen are 8-10 times too high.

10.   80% of women passing through menopause, who had hot flashes, found relief by using progesterone alone.

11.   Postmenopausal women are estrogen dominant. You need progesterone to balance the estrogen.

12.   Women who work night shifts do not produce melatonin like women who sleep in a dark room. The lack of producing melatonin changes the ovary's ability to make progesterone. This increases the risk of breast cancer by 6 fold.

13.   Stress causes more corotisol, and more corotisol means less activity by progesterone, and that means there's an increase in breast cancer.

14.   Estrogen has no benefit for people with Alzheimer's.

15.   Women with osteoporosis should use progesterone. Progesterone is needed for new bone formation. Estrogen slows down bone loss, but progesterone builds new bone.

16.   Saliva tests accurately measure the amount of free hormone. The amount of free hormone in saliva mirrors the amount of free hormone in the entire blood supply. Hormones measured with blood tests measure the large amount of hormone that is bound to protein, making it water-soluble so it can be excreted.

17.   The free hormone rides on red blood cells, and this can be measured by conventional blood tests. Blood tests are irrelevant because you need to measure the amount of free hormone.

18.   Estrogen prescriptions for HRT are providing 8-10 times more estrogen than the body needs at that stage of a woman life.

19.   Unopposed estrogen is the only cause of uterine cancer. Natural progesterone works better than any synthetic progestins ever tried.

20.   Six weeks after a hysterectomy, progesterone production stops. Within 2 years, estrogen production stops. When doing a hysterectomy, your doctor ties off the uterine arteries and 80% of the supply of blood to the ovaries is lost. Therefore, ovaries eventually stop producing.

21.   HTR does not protect postmenopausal women against heart disease. Progesterone helps keep coronary arteries open, whereas giving a synthetic projestin (like in birth control pills) will allow those coronary arteries to go into spasm and thereby cause heart disease.

22.   High blood cholesterol comes from too much sugar and highly refined starches. That's the major cause. If you want to reduce your cholesterol, follow a low sugar diet and don't eat highly refined starches.

23.   In normal ranges of cholesterol, except in exceedingly high or very very low, there is no difference in coronary artery disease, regardless of what the cholesterol level is.

24.   There is a metabolite of progesterone that is produced in your liver named aloe pregnenolone (I'm not sure if this is spelled correctly). When women have adequate amounts of progesterone to manufacture this metabolite, they will not have PMS. If a woman has PMS, by restoring proper progesterone you will maintain aloe pregnenolone levels, which are marvelous for preventing PMS

25.   In women who had a baby and have post-pardum depression, they are low in progesterone and aloe pregnenolone.

26.   The very studies used by medicine to measure a drug's effects (5 year study) is totally unreliable because they start treatments earlier, have new tests to find a disease earlier, and claim to have better five year survival rates because they started their counts before the study actually began. This is lead-time bias.

27.   Progesterone is a vital factor in both women and men. It has been neglected far too long. With progesterone (not synthetic progestins, which don't work) there's a major opportunity to save people's lives and to make lives of other people so much better than it was before.

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