Leng Sian Herbal Tea

Health is manís greatest asset. To ensure good health and maintain optimal body functions, we need to help our body to detoxify hazardous toxins daily.

Leng Sian Herbal Tea is a blend of natural herbs which is not highly processed; therefore the natural phyto-nutrients in the herbs used are maintained. These phyto-nutrients enhance the detoxification process and gradually promote our body to a healthier state. LS Herbal Tea is compounded from different types of natural herbs, including Carissa Carandas, Elephantopus Scraber, Prunella Vulgaris and others.

Regular consumption of Leng Sian Herbal Tea helps the following:

  • Detoxifies and cleanses body system
  • Reduces swelling of nodules
  • Relieve body heat & sore throat
  • Relieves constipation
  • Relieves indigestive problems
  • Relieves headache and migraine
  • Relieves thyroid related symptoms
  • Relieves hemorrhoids
  • Reduces cholesterol level
  • Reduces blood sugar level

As normally observed in natural therapies, some consumers may experience the following healing reactions:

  • Rashes and itchiness                                       
  • Sticky, odourous, excessive perspiration
  • Dark and smelly stools                          
  • Frequent urination (turbid urine)
  • Pain or discomfort in diseased area        
  • Stomach discomfort                  
  • Fatigue                        
  • Reappearance of unresolved past health problems           

These reactions indicate that the body is in the process of detoxification, which is a good sign. These symptoms usually disappear in a few days.


Brewing instruction:


Boil 1 or 2 sachets (3-4 sachets for those with health problem) of LS Herbal Tea in 1 liter of water for 15-20 minutes. It can be served hot or cold according to preference.


Alternatively, immerse the sachets in a thermos flask with boiling water. The tea is ready for consumption after 45 minutes. The sachets can be reused for 1 or 2 consequent hot water refills.


For those having low blood pressure, and those with cold-type of body. it is recommended to add in 3-5 pieces of red dates or a quarter teaspoon of molasses while boiling the tea.


To maintain the quality of LS Herbal Tea, it is best to consume the tea within 12 hours.

Do not use aluminum utensil to boil the tea.


LS Herbal Tea is suitable for all ages. It does not contain caffeine and can be consumed at any time. Furthermore, LS Herbal Tea is free of preservatives, artificial coloring , sugar or any chemical additives.

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