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Philosophy of Self-healing

In the beginning God created you in His own image. In all matters He gives you complete freedom to live your life the way you want it. He only keeps to Himself the power to determine Life and Death. Therefore, to stay healthy or to become sick is your decision and your responsibility.

Q. Why do I fall sick?

A. You break the Law of Nature. Do not blame others or your genetic make-up.

Q. How to become Healthy again?

A. You are God? perfect creation with an infinite capacity of self-healing. You and you alone can heal yourself. Others can only help.

Q. How can I help myself?

1. You must be positive, and must take the responsibility to manage your own problem. If you prefer to do nothing to help yourself...who do you think should take that responsibility? Those who survive cancer all took charge of their own healing. All educated themselves in prevention and treatment. Don? give up! You can live, if you want to live.

2. You must lead a happy and healthy life style. Be flexible enough to change your life? priority and break away from previous destructive habits. Note that stress and unhappiness can kill.

3. Realize that no one on earth has the power to say who lives and who dies. Protect yourself against negative influences and seek for the healing power of Spirituality and Love. Pray that you have an inner peace of mind and spiritual strength.

4. Many who survived cancer realized that no one drug or treatment could guarantee a cure. Therefore, seek out and decide what combinations could best help you.

Q. How can Cancer Care help me?

A. Cancer extracts great toll on you and your family. The world becomes upside down. We in Cancer Care hopes to help you by sharing our experiences and to provide you with a new direction in your healing process. We believe there is still hope when doctors said death is imminent. Hope in itself is an important ingredient of healing. We help everyone irrespective of race, religion or reward.

Cancer Management

  1. There is no one magic bullet for fighting cancer.
  2. Medical treatments for cancer would be surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. No doctors would guarantee you a cure. You would have to make your own decision regarding these treatments, after taking due consideration of the drastic side effects.
  3. One other possible alternative is to practise natural healing methods as an alternative to or as a complement to medical treatment. In this case, medical treatments CAN go hand in hand with natural therapy.
  4. Natural healing requires the use of herbs, taking proper food, doing proper exercise, meditation and prayer. All these mean a commitment to adopt a changed life style.
  5. One important aspect of your life style is to be positive and practise forgiveness....share your fears, emotions etc. with others.

Q. My father/mother has cancer. I am not going to let him/her know about it.

A. We can understand your concern and love for your dear one.?o you want to shield him/her from this bad news. Of course we respect your desire not to disclose this information but however, we feel that this is not the correct move. Cancer is not unique to your own people only. At Cancer Care you can see many people with cancer. It is so common...and furthermore, you are not going to die just yet, just because you got cancer. So there is nothing special about anyone getting cancer. The important thing is to know how to live with cancer...we must learn more about cancer rather then remain ignorant about it. How can you expect the sick to change his life style if you do not tell him about his illness? You can take away the fear of cancer if you come to Cancer Care and talk about it with us and also share experiences with the many others who are sick. To live in fear and in "darkness" is not going to help at all.



Research indicates that table salt, refined sugar, refined cooking oil, meat and dairy products are not good and may be the cause of cancer. We recommend that you refrain from taking all these. This is your responsibility. Cancer is your sickness and you must help yourself. No one else can do that for you. We are aware that this advice is contrary to what your doctor told you or what you are used to in your old life style.

Q. Then, what do I eat?

A. Take lots of fruits such as pineapple, papaya, apple, grapes (with the skin and seed). Drink lots of fresh juices like carrot + green apple, carrot + celery, soybean juice, etc. For protein, take beans, nuts and sprouts. Uncooked almond is highly recommended. Take everything in as unprocessed form as possible. Never eat canned, bottled or preserved stuff. Remember mankind is created to eat fresh fruits and greens not meat or milk.

Q. When I don? eat meat, I have no strength!

A. That is a mental block that has been programmed into you. Read up-to-date books and you will know that we have learnt the wrong things. Do elephants and cows eat meat or steamed chicken? Some authors wrote that cancer even love to grow on pork or chicken meat!

Q. I am sick, I need nutritious, strengthening food?

A. Dr. Johanna Brandt wrote: "Feeding the patient to keep up his strength is the surest way of killing him."

Q. I cannot eat fruits/veggie; they are cooling or produce wind!

A. This is another mental block. Fruit juice ferments in a dirty stomach, producing gases or wind. That? why you are sick. If your stomach and intestine were clean then there would be no problem.

Q. The food has no taste!

A. Try your best to prepare a good delicious healthy meal. There are many ways to do it if you are prepared to learn or ask. You need to change your old attitude about food. Remember that you can EAT yourself into the grave. The choice is yours.

Q. Are there substitutes for these "forbidden food"?

A. Yes. For salt, use sea-salt water or kelp kind of Japanese seaweed). For oil, use a bit of olive oil (but do not cook), for cooking use ghee, sesame seed oil or butter. For sugar, use a bit of raw honey. Remember that many things contain "hidden" sugar in them, such as ice cream, Milo, chocolate, etc. Keep off.

Q. Can I eat rice or oat?

A. Yes, use unpolished rice. Use rolled oats that needs cooking, not the instant type. Try mixing oat meal with freshly cut fruits.

Q. Can I eat bottled or preserved food?

A. Absolutely no. Eat live food, not dead, preserved or frozen food. Your body needs the minerals and enzymes of fresh food.

Q. How long must I be on this diet?

A. For as long as you want to live and remain healthy. Remember that diet is one of the main reasons why people got cancer in the first place. So when you feel a bit better and are beginning to get well, do not go back and eat "rubbish" again! Do you want to get sick again?

This is one reason why we said earlier that you must have the commitment and the desire to live. To live means you need a changed life style. You and you alone are responsible for your own self.

Q. My doctor said, I am already cancer-free...the operation done was perfectly more fear of cancer!

A. It is better to be smart and take preventive measures than to regret later. We have hundreds of people coming to see us because they were being told EXACTLY that, and now they are the victims of that fallacy.


Q. Should I go for chemotherapy?

A. We are sorry we cannot make that decision for you. That has to be your decision, because you and you alone have to bear the consequences of that decision.

The doctors usually send you for chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy after surgery. That is the standard protocol required of them. It is entirely up to you to follow their advice or otherwise. Chemotherapy uses poisonous drugs and nobody can force you to take it. You must give your consent.

Q. How can I make decisions when I do not know anything about chemotherapy?

A. We agree. Nobody can make a wise decision without having at least some information. Ask your doctors some questions. Or better still read books on the subject.

We are aware that it is not fair to ask you to read books especially under such unfortunate situation.... the mind is so confused. We have done much reading on your behalf on this subject and the following are some points to consider. You should verify and discuss them with your doctors or friends before you make the final decision. Please do not view this as our attempt to influence you not to go for chemotherapy (some people like to find scapegoats!).

Q. What is your position with regards to chemotherapy?

A. We are not against chemotherapy and we do not totally advocate it either. It much depends on yourself and your mental attitude. If you are old and cannot take the drastic side effects, the chances are that you are going to suffer badly from the treatment and even die because of the treatment and not because of the cancer. If you are a strong person and can endure it well, then go ahead and suffer a bit. This may add to some chances of success. The important point is: If you believe that you are in good hands and can be cured by chemotherapy, then we should encourage your belief irrespective of what others say.

Q. Can chemotherapy cure my cancer?

A. There is no guarantee. Sometimes the lump disappears after chemotherapy and sometimes more lumps appear even while on the treatment. According to literature, statistics show 30 to 40 percent success. This means only three to four persons out of 10 make it. Hopefully, you can be one of the three or four. Please also note that "cure" here means being able to survive for five years after treatment. It does not mean you are completely safe and free of cancer.

Q. Is there a chance of relapse?

A. Nobody can tell. Some get a relapse even after 15 years of cancer-free life. For some others, relapse occurs within 3 months after getting a clean bill of health by the doctors.

Q. What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

A. Ask those who have undergone the treatment. The severity of side effects depends on the types of drug and the dosage used. Some suffer nausea, vomiting, mouth ulcer, bleeding of the mucous membrane, loss of appetite, not being able to swallow, tastelessness of the tongue, weakness of the entire body, in some cases failure of vital organs like the kidney, etc. All these side effects are understandable since the drugs are very poisonous and can kill both the good cells as well as the cancerous cells. In some unfortunate cases, it is the good cells that get killed while the cancer cells remain immune or resistant.

Q. If I do not go for chemotherapy, I am going against my doctor? advice.....meaning I cannot go back to him again if I need his help in the future.

A. You are faced with a real practical problem. We are sorry we cannot help in this. The problem is beyond us.

Q. You say the drugs are poisonous. Do they harm the body?

A. Nobody can tell or predict what is going to happen, especially in the long term. The use of these drugs is an accepted medical protocol at this point of time and no one can challenge that no matter how "disturbing" one may feel about it. We do feel disturbed indeed when we read the book The Politics of Cancer Revisited, written by Samuel Epstein, M.D., in which the author claimed that Tamoxifen and Evista "are known to cause liver and ovarian cancers, respectively". However, those with vested interest suppressed such evidences "representing a medical malpractice verging on the criminal." Unfortunately, Tamoxifen has been widely used in females with breast cancer.


Q. What do you know about its effect?

A. We have seen people going through radiotherapy and obtained beneficial effects. The lumps subsided. However, we have also seen a man who could not open his mouth and became blind after radiation treatments. As in all things there are always good and bad. The New Straits Times on 9 August 1998 reported that practice of exposing lung cancer patients to radiation therapy after surgery to remove tumours may do more harm than good and should not be used routinely. This conclusion was based on data collected over the past 30 years involving 2,128 lung cancer patients world wide. Patients who had been treated with radiation therapy after surgery were 21% more likely to die than those who only had surgery. This work has been published in The Lancet, a British medical journal.

Q. You seem to speak out against modern medical treatment?

A. Do not get us wrong. We are not against modern medicine at all. We advise you to see your doctors first. But just remember that medical science alone cannot cure or solve all your problems. Do not misunderstand us! Cancer Care Therapy can complement your other medical treatments, if you believe in taking herbs. Our mission is to help and care. It does not matter who gets the credit or what therapy is effective for as long as you feel good and benefit from it. On the other hand it is also our responsibility to clarify misconceptions that are ingrained in you - so that you are aware of them.

Let us close this subject by quoting Julian Whitaker, M.D., in his book, Reversing Diabetes.

"Modern medicine is in a state of enormous change. There is an explosion of technology for which a myriad of diagnostic and treatment alternatives... have sprung. What is not recognized by most patients and doctors is that the use of this high technology has not been shown, in most cases, to be superior to conservative, less dangerous methods....we confuse technology with science.... It is estimated that 50% of all medical practices are abandoned or replaced by safer or more effective ones every 20 years!" In short, what Dr. Julian Whitaker was saying is that - what is considered the "norm" or good for today may prove "unacceptable" and are rejected in the days to come. "Every era has its mistakes that only history reveals." Be wise and be warned - why be the victim?


Q. Can I take the herbs and at the same time continue with my doctor? medication?

A. Yes. Even when you are on chemotherapy or radiotherapy - we know that taking herbs will help you in many ways.

Q. What are the side effects of the herbs?

A. Chemotherapy and radiation can destroy and sometimes kill....unfortunately you forget that! The herbs do no such harm. We have taken the herbs ourselves. My son and daughter also took them.

For those with sickness: you may have diarrhea or churning stomach, feel tired or suffer pain. All these are good signs that the herbs are effective. Continue to take the herbs. However, this "healing crisis" usually disappears after a few days. Do not worry.

Q. Can I take the herbs but would not follow the diet you recommended?

A. We do not think the herbs will be effective if you still insist on living your old ways. We have seen many people who are doing so well with the herbs, and then had a relapse after reverting to "unhealthy food". This convince us that your diet is also a very important aspect of healing. So, if you are not prepared to change your diet and your life style, please do not take the herbs. It is going to be a waste of effort....yours and ours.

Q. Many people tell me that taking herbs is dangerous!

A. Yes, it would be dangerous if your mind is already fixed on that. If there is ignorance, there will be bias and the chances are that you will make scapegoats out of the herbs. Herbs are plant materials and they are not processed into a concentrated, chemical form like the modern drugs. For example, Taxol - a drug used in chemotherapy comes from the yew tree (Taxus). The amount injected into a patient per treatment is equivalent to about one 30-year old tree! If 10 to 20 grams of yew leaves or branches were prescribed at any one time as herbal medicine, it would perhaps take you many years to drink up that whole tree. It is altogether a different matter if you process the whole yew tree, concentrate its chemicals and inject into your body all in one go! Our opinion is that taking herbs correctly prescribed would cause no harm. The Chinese and Indians used herbs for thousands of years. If herbs are harmful to health, do you expect to see so many Indians and Chinese in this world today? You do not have to wait for someone in the western world to publish a paper in the journal first before believing. What an insult to our oriental wisdom and heritage.

However, we must point out that adulterated herbs are harmful. It is a common practice among certain bomohs and sinsehs to add modern drugs like steroids, pain killers etc., to their formulation to ensure immediate results. This is wrong and unethical. Adding steroids into the herbal preparations is definitely dangerous to the patients?health and is a criminal act!

  Q. Is the use of herbs scientific?

A. How much science do you know? Are you echoing what others are "selling to you"? Do not confuse science from technology. Do not be misled. Science is not equivalent to expensive equipment or giving out pills in attractive bottles!

Rather than debating what is scientific or not, it is more prudent to consider this point seriously. If you are dying... and you take herbs ?and they help you...what else do you want? Must you know how and why the herbs work in you? There are many phenomena in life that science just simply cannot explain! We believe that the inability to explain the mechanism does not render a healing process unscientific. We also believe that failure to solve a problem or an inability to explain means we do not know enough. So, take the first step in scientific enquiry - read and learn.

Q. Can taking herbs contradict my on-going medical treatments? Is there any scientific evidence to show that herbs are beneficial in cancer treatment?

A. Let us ask you to read the book, Best of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Dr. Xie Zhu-fan. Dr. Xie is a professor of both traditional and modern medicine. In 1985, 1986 and 1998 he was appointed WHO consultant on traditional medicine.

a) Dr. Xie presented data to show that taking herbs while on radiotherapy increased the sensitivity of primary liver carcinoma to radiotherapy. This study was done at Tumour Hospital, Shanghai Medical University from 1980 to 1991 in 228 cases of intermediate liver carcinoma considered insensitive to radiotherapy.

Herbs & Radiation
Median survival (months)
Survival rate over 5 years
b) Taking herbs together with chemotherapy are beneficial. Herbs reduce the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy.

From 1983 to 1990, a total of 996 patients with advanced stomach cancer were observed. Some patients were given herbs in addition to chemotherapy, while some patients undergone chemotherapy without taking any herbs. In all cases mitomycin, 5-FU (fluorouracil) and vincristine were administered by intravenous drip.


% Patients completed 6-weeks course of chemotherapy
Chemotherapy + herbs (twice/day)


c) Herbs were shown to be an effective medicine for some cancers. A comparative study was carried out in Longhua Hospital, Shanghai on herbal medication and chemotherapy on advanced squamous carcinoma of the lungs. Each treatment consisted of 30 patients. 

Herbs only
Chemotherapy only
Median survival period (days)
Twelve month survival rate
Twenty-four month survival rate


A similar study was done to compare the effects of herbs, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patients with primary liver cancer of Stage II were given chemotherapy and radiotherapy while patients with Stage III primary liver cancer were treated with herbs. The results were as follows. 

Half -year survival rate
One year survival rate



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