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 Lithium Orotate (4.8mg)
per 120 capsules
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 18.50
Price (UK Order) : GBP 15.50

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Lithium is a mineral with a cloudy reputation. It is an alkali metal in the same family as sodium, potassium and other elements. Although lithium is highly effective in the treatment of manic depressive illness, its pharmaceutical (prescription) versions, lithium carbonate and lithium citrate, must be used with caution. Lithium, however, is the treatment of choice for recurring bipolar (manic/depressive) illness, serving as an effective mood enhancer in 70-80 percent of bipolar patients. Lithium orotate has also been used with success in alleviating the pain from migraine and cluster headaches, low white blood cell counts, juvenile convulsive disease, alcoholism and liver disorders.

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 LE Vitamin D3, 2000iu liquid
per 30ml
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 29.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 25.50

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Vitamin D3 can be synthesised by humans through the skin upon exposure to sunlight. Due to the winter, weather conditions and sun block, your body’s ability to produce enough vitamin D may be hindered. These factors emphasise the importance of taking vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D has long provided significant support for healthy bone density. Along with it, vitamin D has been proven to play a role in regulating healthy cell proliferation and on immunity. Research findings link a deficiency of vitamin D to many common age-related problems. 

Current levels of vitamin D are very low in humans. Prominent nutritional scientists advise to increase the daily intake to 1,000 and 10,000 IU for adults. Life Extension recommends that healthy adults supplement each day with at least 2,000 IU of vitamin D. Elderly adults may benefit from higher doses such as 5,000 IU daily up to 10,000 IU daily. The objective of taking a vitamin D supplement is to achieve an optimal vitamin D level in the blood of between 50 -80 ng/ml.

A vitamin D blood test can help you determine the additional amount of vitamin D you may need to supplement for an optimal level.

 LE Ultra Natural Prostate
per 60 sofgels
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 42.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 36.50

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Ultra Natural Prostate has been upgraded many times to include the most scientifically validated nutrients for the protection of the prostate gland and its healthy function. No other prostate support formula provides such a broad array of nutrients. The latest version of Ultra Natural Prostate contains the following key ingredients:

Standardised lignans from flax seed and Norway spruce knot-wood convert to a compound called enterolactone which provides support for prostate cells against excess estrogen levels that can stimulate prostate growth.
ApresFlex®, a concentrated and highly absorbable extract of Boswellia, helps inhibit 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX), an enzyme that facilitates undesirable cell division changes.

  • Nettle root extract helps protect prostate cells against excess oestrogen levels by reducing the activity of the bodily enzyme aromatase that creates estrogen.
  • Saw palmetto extract helps inhibit dihydrotestosterone (DHT) activity in the prostate, regulate inflammatory factors and supports normal urinary flow.
  • Pumpkin seed oil enhances the composition of free fatty acids and augments saw palmetto's benefits.
  • Pygeum extract helps suppress production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins in the prostate and supports healthy urination patterns.
  • Beta-sitosterol is a constituent of pygeum and saw palmetto, that enhances pygeum's protective effects.
  • Graminex® Flower Pollen Extract™ has been shown to help relax the smooth muscles of the urethra and help regulate inflammation.
  • Boron has been shown to slow elevation of prostate-specific antigen (PSA).
  • Lycopene, a carotenoid associated with the tomato's red colour, helps maintain healthy DNA and promotes healthy prostate size and structure.
  • Phosholipids have been included to enhance the absorption of the active ingredients.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 2 softgels; Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving

Saw Palmetto CO2 extract (fruit) [std. to 85% total fatty acids] - 320 mg

Graminex® Flower Pollen Extract™ (from rye) - 252 mg

Stinging and dwarf nettle extracts (root) - 240 mg

Pumpkin oil (seed) [std. to 85% total fatty acids] - 200 mg

Beta-Sitosterol - 180 mg

Phospholipids - 160 mg

Pygeum extract (bark) - 100 mg

AprèsFlex® Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata) extract (gum resin) [std. to 20% AKBAΔ] - 70 mg

Proprietary Enterolactone Precursors Blend [HMRlignan™ Norway spruce (Picea abies) (knot wood) and flax (seed) lignan extracts] - 20.15 mg

Lycopene [from Tomat-O-Red® natural tomato extract (fruit)] - 10 mg

Boron (as Albion® bororganic glycine) -  3 mg

Other ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, sunflower oil, beeswax, purified water, carob color, maltodextrin, rosemary extract.

Δ3-0-acetyl-11-keto-ß-boswellic acid

AprèsFlex® is a registered trademark of Laila Nutraceuticals exclusively licensed to PL Thomas – Laila Nutra LLC. U.S. Patent No. 8,551,496 and other patents pending. HMRlignan™ is a trademark used under sublicense from Linnea S.A. Tomat-O-Red® is a registered trademark of LycoRed LTD. Albion® is a registered trademark of Albion Laboratories, Inc.

Dosage and Use

Take two (2) softgels daily divided between morning and evening, with food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

 Zinc complex
90 capsules, 50mg
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 13.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 11.50

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Zinc is an essential mineral needed for many of your body’s functions. Among these functions are antioxidant properties, promotion of healthy immunity and helping with inflammation. This key mineral stimulates the activity of many types of enzymes necessary for your body. It is also an integral component of vital hormones and supports protein and DNA synthesis, insulin production, as well as thyroid and bone metabolism. While promoting cardiovascular and neurological health, zinc helps the elderly to maintain vision.

 A zinc deficiency in elderly adults has been shown to contribute to age-related immune decline, immunosenescence. This happens partly due to the decreasing size and function of the thymus gland. Evidence suggests that zinc may help to maintain healthy function of the thymus gland in elderly people.

Unfortunately, zinc absorption can be limited and further inhibited by molecules in plant sources and grains. Life Extension® responded to this problem by combining OptiZinc® with zinc citrate in a low-cost potent formula. OptiZinc® is a superior bioavailable form of zinc, which consists of one of the most absorbable forms of zinc, zinc methionate (methionine). 

 Sambucol for Kids
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 9.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 6.90

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Sambucol is a great tasting natural elderberry syrup designed to provide immune system support with high levels of antioxidants. This liquid is a non-drowsy, alcohol free formula with no artificial colours or flavours. It is gluten free and suitable for vegans. Suitable for children from 1-12 years.

Key Benefits:

* Contains active ingredients AntiVirin® and Vitamin C
* Great tasting liquid - No artificial colours or flavours
* Suitable for vegans

 Milk thistle tablets
60 tablets
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 12.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 10.90

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 Ionic Colloidal Silver (liquid)
5-10 ppm, 100ml
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 12.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 9.90

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Our colloidal silver is a pure and all natural mineral supplement composed of minute particles of silver that are electromagnetically charged and suspended in distilled water.

Colloidal silver is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, a powerful anti-microbial catalyst. This does not mean it will kill all manner of serious illnesses, it is not a cure or some overzealous advertisers have claimed. Whilst some uses may find this product highly effective, high resistance to disease depends on good nutrition, regular exercise, hygiene and a balance life-style. Our colloidal silver can be sprayed onto the skin including damage skin, nose and throat. Dropper application into eyes and ears. Other uses include gargle and mouth wash. It is also suitable for plant and animals.

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 Optimoxx (Cleanse Colon- Lymph & Liver -Kidney)
set of 2 bottles, 60 caps each
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 69.00
Price (UK Order) : GBP 55.00

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The most advanced total body cleanse ever created.

Optimoxx is a revolutionary 2 part full body cleanse that takes just 28 days to rid your body of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxic fungus and more. All while helping heal your gut and support your immune system… all without being chained to your toilet for weeks!

This powerful cleanse is unlike anything ever on the market before, and there’s an amazing reason that it works so well.

In recent years studies have shown a remarkable property of the fermentation process. It actually starts to break down plants, vitamins, and herbs and releases specific phytochemicals that actually magnify the benefits of the herb and plants being used. Each and every ingredient in Optimoxx is fermented in a special process called: The MycoBiome Transformation system.

Every single botanical ingredient we use in each of the two powerful steps is 100% organic. That means Optimoxx is the only “clean” cleanse on the market anywhere. No pesticides, no herbicides… just fresh powerful organic ingredients.

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 Parasite Cleanse Set (Dr Hulda Clark) - Black Walnut Tincture, Clove and Wormwood
(per set)
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 49.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 41.90

For Other Countries, please click here to order.

Dr. Clark parasite cleanse - the combination of 3 herbs can help you get rid of over 100 types of parasites. These three herbs must be used together - black walnut hull tincture, clove and wormwood. Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs.

This cleanse is greatly assists the removal of parasites from extra-cellular fluids, such as the blood and lymph, and in organs such as the liver, kidneys, brain, heart and intestinal tract. It oxygenates the blood to kill parasites.

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 Parasite Cleanse - Black Walnut Tincture - Extra Strength
(per 2 oz.)
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 19.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 15.90

For Other Countries, please click here to order.

This hardwood tree produces a nut which is surrounded by a hull, these black walnut hulls contain natural chemicals called tannins and quinone. These tannins and quinone compounds are the primary components that give this herb the ability to expel worms and other parasites. It has been used to expel intestinal parasites, worms, and yeast.

Black Walnut is also a rich source of iodine and trace minerals. It also contains linolenic acid and vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. Alkaloids in black walnut may have anti-tumor properties. Traditional uses of black walnut are: expel parasites, worms, yeast, lower blood pressure, help thyroid problems (especially low thyroid output), skin fungus, asthma, beriberi, diarrhea, sore throat, and lung disease. Black Walnut has also been used to aid digestion, act as a mild laxative, help heal mouth and sore throat, and to cleanse the body of various parasites. It is also known to be good for fungal infections, herpes, poison ivy, and warts. It also may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.



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