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  GC Life Fruit Slimming & Fiber Cleanse

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GC Life Fruit Slimming & Fiber Cleanse

Golden Triangle For Healthy Intestines


Normalization of the intestinal tract is very important in order for one to stay healthy and beautiful from inside out. To achieve optimal health, consuming a variety of nutrients is important but a good digestion and absorption of nutrients is equally critical for good health. It is important to ensure our intestines are clean and have a good balance of friendly bacteria to facilitate proper digestion and nutrients assimilation.


In order to keep a healthy intestine, 3 components are indispensable:

-                        Dietary fiber

-                        Oligosaccharide

-                        Pro-biotic


GC Life fiber cleanse contains all the above 3 components in balanced proportions forming a golden triangle work synergistically with each other to keep our intestine clean and healthy.


Dietary fiber - cleanse the intestines of unhealthy substances.

Oligosaccharide - acts as nutrients to L-Bifidus and helps to increase these bacteria in the intestine.

Pro-biotic (Lactobacilius)    promotes intestinal peristalsis, keep harmful bacteria in check and prevents build-up of decomposing bacteria that contaminate interior of the intestines.


Isomaltooligosaccharides (Oligo)

Oligo is the sugar that is primarily found in fruits. In Japan, it is used in more than 450 types of food. It is assimilated into the body slower than white sugar, but Oligo has essentially the same nutritional value and more desirable than sugar. It breaks down slower as it does not use insulin but by enzyme in the bowel. It is a safer sugar to use and helps to lower the risks of getting diabetes and high cholesterol.


Pro-biotic powder

It can help to prevent cancer and oxidation of the cells, strengthen the immune system, help to improve the digestive system and metabolism in the body and increase the absorption of calcium.



It blocks the absorption of fats by the body, thus reducing the absorption of calories and prevent fat accumulation, enabling the person to maintain an ideal figure.


Orange powder

It contains some of the most active ingredients which stimulate the adrenal glands to secrete BETA 3 to break down fats, promote the fat burning process in the body. Besides that it curbs your appetite and increases your body’s metabolism.



In fact the fat burning process is the process of turning fats into energy. Therefore, indirectly it will lower the level of fats in the body. These acids can be used to burn fats in our body and turn the body into a more alkaline condition where no fats can survive.




Oat Fiber

Help to reduce cholesterol, prevents heart disease and high blood pressure. Oat fiber is rich in group B vitamins and trace minerals. It helps to eliminate piles, alleviate constipation and delay the aging process for maintaining a soft and smooth skin.



It is a kind of microscopic sea plant that is rich in the most comprehensive combination of nutrients required by the human body. Spirulina is rich in proteins, vitamins, chlorophyll, beta carotene and other minerals for daily requirement. Long term ingestion can increase one’s energy potential and endurance, improve hormonal balance, neutralize the pH values of the human body and prevent various kinds of diseases.


Apple Fiber

Apple is a rich source of dietary fiber and contains vitamin A, B, C and more than 10 types of other nutrients. Apples are rich sources of phytochemicals (compounds found in plants, fruits and vegetables that can act as anti-oxidants). The high fiber content helps in slow release of sugars into the body, thereby helps to maintain a steady blood sugar level. Apple fiber helps to reduce blood cholesterol, improve bowel function, reduce risk of stroke, prostate cancer, type II diabetics and asthma. Apples fiber can also inhibit ageing related problems and help weight loss.



Contains various types of vitamins and minerals (slows down the process of cholesterol absorption, prevents arteriosclerosis) protein, amino acid, vitamin A, B1, B6, C, D, E, K and calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. In addition, alfalfa can also helps PMS, anemia, joint pains, hormonal imbalances and reduce uric acid in the body.


Positive Reactions After Consuming Fiber Cleanse


Short term: 3 to 6 days

-          Frequent elimination – frequent visits to the toilet and the excretion of excess blockages from the colon tracts.

-          Stomach discomfort and excessive gas. This is a natural detoxification reaction in the body.

-          If you body pH value is acidic or if you have suffered from previous illnesses, you body’s weaker areas may experience pain.

-          Faeces floating on the surface of the toilet pedestal. These are golden yellow in colour signifying improvement of digestive system and body condition.


Middle-term: 6 to 45 days

-          Lowers the water content in the colon and reduces the toxin content in faeces.

-          Prevents unwanted toxins from being absorbed into the body and reduces the burden of the liver system.

-          Toxins in each of the organ in your body and blood stream will be gradually reduced. The oxygen level will improve and you will feel more energetic.

-          At this time, the toxic level in the body will be drastically reduced. Your personal well-being will improve and you will have a glowing and radiant complexion.

-          Regulates the hormonal system and alleviates hormones imbalances. This will prevent ruddy skin tone, skin pigmentation and freckles.


Long term: 45 days and above

-          The toxins in the body will be eradicated.

-          When the diseases in your body are alleviated, you will begin to recover gradually over time.

-          The ability to prevent the spread of diseases is effective, this will enable you to achieve natural health, long life and vitality.


Directions for consumption:

When consuming GC Life fiber cleanse, always use room temperature water or lukewarm water. Stir well and drink immediately. Drink another glass of plain water within that half an hour later after the fiber drink to replace your body fulids.


Suggested Use

If you desire to maintain optimum health, consume twice daily – once in the morning before breakfast and another half an hour before dinner.

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