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" Live Doctors Do Lie " Listen to 50 seconds of the tape now...
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If you have questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines then this tape is for you. How effective are vaccines? What risks do they pose? Why have so many vaccines suddenly become required? Are they truly "mandated by law," and if not, how can you and your children become exempt from vaccine programs if so desired? This tape explains how vaccines are delivering AIDS, chronic fatigue, many types of cancer, Gulf War Syndrome and a host of auto-immune diseases including fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, Guillian Barre, asthma, allergies, autism and even hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders.
90 Minute Audio - Listen to a sample
What They Won't Tell You About Your Health exposes deliberately suppressed information on your health which you should know about, but probably don't. Discover little-known facts on your drinking water, cancer and doctors.  original interview on Beat Talk

Sherrill Sellman - The author of Hormone Heresy, a international best-seller in it's first 3 weeks has brought shocking facts to women around the world
Carole Isis ?ings for Peace?as her passion for the planet shines through her words and music
 Margaret O Leary  Reiki/Seichem Tera Mai Master Teacher
Has this 84yr old Dr.discovered the fountain of youth?
What Doctors Don't Tell You is the complete review of health problems and safer, proven ways of treating them.  WDDTY is a monthly journal - described as the best in the world - it's a research database, and it's a portal for you to share your health experiences.

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