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Credence Publications is an independent research organisation dedicated to reporting contentious issues that may harm the public. Their goal is to report properly annotated and verified information of tremendous benefit to humanity.

CACARE : Dr. Chris K. H. Teo, Dip. Agr. (M), B. Agr. Sc. (Hons.)(M), M.S, Ph. D. (Hawaii), Dip. Hom., was formerly a Professor of Botany at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He retired from this position after teaching and research at that University for 26 years. His wife Ch'ng Beng Im, B. Sc. (Edu.) (Hons.), is a school teacher. They founded Cancer Care (Malaysia) in 1995.

Sherrill Sellman - The author of Hormone Heresy, a international best-seller in it's first 3 weeks has brought shocking facts to women around the world. Sherrill's ten years of research reveals the scandal of using women as 'living experiments' for more that 40 years.

Health Wars
By Phillip Day
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50


Probably one of the most significant health books coming in the new millennium, Health Wars, compiled by UK health researcher Phillip Day, tears the lid off the shameful medical and corporate scandals that are killing our nations. The author also reports on the exciting and straightforward results of research into cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and a host of other diseases, which we can simply and cheaply prevent or treat with nutrition and life-style changes.

(RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

The ABC's of Disease
By Phillip Day
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50

Welcome to the Credence compendium of the leading diseases and health problems facing 21st century humanity. This is a bullet-point, easy-to-read collection of the latest research on the leading 50 illnesses and complications: what they are, what the symptoms are, how not to get them, and most importantly, what to do if youe got them. A work book that should be a part of every household in the land. (RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

Cancer: Why We are Still Dying to Know the Truth
By Phillip Day
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50

The explosive overview of the news the world has waited to hear. This book exposes the ongoing establishment cover-up over Vitamin B17, the answer to cancer and its prevention. It further details the astonishing track record of amygdalin (laetrile) in its role within the combined cancer treatment known as Metabolic Therapy. Whether you have cancer, or are exercising prevention for you and your family, this is the book with big answers. Full details on treatment and prevention options are given, including how to obtain Metabolic Therapy kits and products. (RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

Toxic Bite
By Bill Kellner-Read
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50

Finally, a book that brings into the picture another important element in the equation of our physical and mental well-being. This book discusses the often ignored links between dentistry and overall health and dispells many myths about common oral hygiene products we use daily and take for granted. Discover the right way to take care of your teeth without using toxic chemicals. Learn the facts about dental fillings, root canals, unneeded treatments, fluoride, etc. and take control of your own dental health. This book is a must for everyone who wants to live a long and healthy life and keep their own teeth in the process !(RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

B17 Metabolic Therapy
By Phillip Day
Price (Euro) : Euro 15.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 12.00

The long-awaited technical manual that details the inner workings of metabolic therapy for cancer. This book explains exactly what makes up a metabolic therapy regime and what each element does, why it works and how. This collection of research explains the scientific rationale and practical application of nutritional therapy for cancer with Vitamin B17, as defined by the medical pioneers themselves.

Great News on cancer in the 21st century
By Steven Ransom
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50

Our great grandchildren will look back at this period and wonder how we could condemn one third of the population to cancer , when for the last 50 years wee had good evidence that much of the disease could be eradicated.

Ross Hulme Hall, Chair Dept Biochemistry, McMaster University

(RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

The Mind Game
By Phillip Day
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50

Today, we are witnessing unprecedented levels of street violence, illiteracy and disastrous school standards. We also have the exploding drug culture, the tide of sleaze and corruption in our governments and the misery of what is termed 'mental illness'. Is there a single, common thread? British investigative reporter Phillip Day shines a harsh light on the practices within psychiatry, quoting the latest and most pertinent research into this 'science of the mind'. He also leads us through the tremendous advances made in nutritional treatments for a whole range of 'mental disorders'. Absolutely don't miss this fascinating and penetrating political and medical insight into our times. (RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

Ten Minutes to Midnight
By Phillip Day
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50

UK researcher Phillip Day's stunning new book gives a succinct but penetrating overview of the coming take-over of Britain by the axis powers of France and Germany, and what you can do about it. Those wishing to have bullet-point facts at their fingertips, who don't need to get into endless political explanations, will not want to miss this superb reference guide. The author lists the raw and terrible facts of what treason carried out in British politics has cost our once great nation. He also explores the heartening character of the British and why we must, at all costs, face up and fight this second Battle of Britain in order to avoid a new European war. (RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

World Without AIDS
By Steven Ransom and Phillip Day
Price (Euro) : Euro 13.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 11.50

The long-awaited expose of 'AIDS Inc'. His book dismantles one of the world's greatest fears, that of AIDS and lays bare the deceit, fraudulent science and needless fear-mongering that lies at the heart of this supposed global epidemic. Over ten years in the making, this impeccably researched book gives an eye-opening account of what vested interests can get away with, given a trusting public, an almost limitless supply of money and scant scruples. It also explains the nonexistence of HIV, the bankruptcy of the Africa myth and the appalling dangers of the establishment-approved medications prescribed to those who have been written off as 'HIV positive'. (RRP was Euro 20/ Stg 18)

The Cancer Care Therapy
By Chris K H Teo and Ch'ng Beng Im
Price (Euro) : Euro 10.00
Price (GBP) : GBP 9.00

Foreword by Ross Taylor President, Cancer Support Association of Western Australia Inc. 

A book that provides hope and tells you how to fight and win a war against cancer.

I am aware that millions of dollars are being spent each year to do research on cancer. Even the most sophisticated equipment, drugs and the best brains could not cope with this dreaded disease. For me to tell you that roadside weeds could bring relief or "cure" cancer is too simple to be taken seriously. The taking of herbs has frequently produced satisfying and amazing results ?enough to baffle any open-minded doctors. Because of this, we see the need for the co-existence of both traditional and modern medicines. Traditional and modern medicines hold differing views regarding diseases and one health. Ponder and think deeply. Perhaps, we can tap into the wisdom of both Western and Chinese civilizations and practise this joint wisdom for our benefit and comfort.

Fighting a winning war against cancer is not just taking medicines or herbs alone. That is just one part of the exercise. A proper and right diet and the observance of a healthy lifestyle all combine to make you a winner. You may like to relegate the task of fighting against cancer to the doctor alone, preferring to do nothing to help yourself. If you refuse to provide a helping hand to the healing power within you, who else can?

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